The Adults Freestyle is one of our training programs aimed at teenage and adult students from 14 years and above

“You are only as strong as your weakest area”

This is the theme that runs throughout the Freestyle system. It’s ethos, that you need to train and practise all ranges of potential conflict in order to be as equipped as possible to defend yourself is a key component of this exciting art form. As with all of our adult programs, we split our students into different sessions based on their martial arts experience and ability. New students without any prior experience will join our basic classes, where they will be able to work at their own pace on developing their fitness, flexibility and conditioning, no matter how poor these may be initially. This alongside being taught the fundamental techniques, drills and skills involved marks the beginning stages of Freestyle training.

Our Freestyle system is a traditional mixed martial art that utilises modern training methods in order to develop and bring out the very best in our adult students. Encompassing teaching on striking, throws, grappling and self defence, new students quickly see why it is an amazing system to learn and the many benefits regular training can bring to their everyday lives.

The Secret to your Success

Friendly Atmosphere
This is by far, one of our most important traits. We believe that learning in a school where the more experienced students have huge egos’s and feel they have to prove themselves to beginners is plain WRONG, everyone at Evade believes in supporting each other and working together, plus our basic class in specifically designed for beginners feeling the nerves.

From instructors to students, everyone at Evade has this incredible passion for motivation! The constant strive for the achievement of their goals not only motivates the, but also the others around them.

You are not going to learn, if you don’t have fun! Plain and simple. Our instructors work extremely hard to make sure that every time you walk through our doors, or come to one of our social events, it is impossible not to enjoy yourself. Remember, if you enjoy what you do, you will strive to do better.

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