The Adults Olympic Wrestling is one of our training programs aimed at teenage and adult students from 14 years and above

Freestyle wrestling is a style of amateur wrestling that is practiced throughout the world. Along with Greco-Roman, it is one of the two styles of wrestling contested in the Olympic Games. It is, along with track and field, one of the oldest organized sports in history.

Freestyle wrestling has its greatest origins in catch-as-catch-can wrestling and the ultimate goal is to throw and pin your opponent to the mat, which results in an immediate win. Freestyle wrestling, unlike Greco-Roman, also allows the use of the wrestler’s or his opponent’s legs in offense and defense. Freestyle wrestling is the most complete style of standup wrestling and brings together traditional wrestling, judo, and sambo techniques.

According to the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles (FILA), freestyle wrestling is one of the four main forms of amateur competitive wrestling that are practiced internationally today. The other main forms of wrestling are Greco-Roman and Grappling (also called submission wrestling). Often cited as the underpinning skill set in the emerging MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) events that have now risen in popularity through promotions such as the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships)

The Secret to your Success

Friendly Atmosphere
This is by far, one of our most important traits. We believe that learning in a school where the more experienced students have huge egos’s and feel they have to prove themselves to beginners is plain WRONG, everyone at Evade believes in supporting each other and working together, plus our basic class in specifically designed for beginners feeling the nerves.

From instructors to students, everyone at Evade has this incredible passion for motivation! The constant strive for the achievement of their goals not only motivates the, but also the others around them.

You are not going to learn, if you don’t have fun! Plain and simple. Our instructors work extremely hard to make sure that every time you walk through our doors, or come to one of our social events, it is impossible not to enjoy yourself. Remember, if you enjoy what you do, you will strive to do better.


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