Private lessons are available in any of the styles we teach and are a great way to start out training in martial arts if you are feeling unconfident in anyway about joining in with the beginners classes straight away, if you cannot make the class times or if you want additional training on top of your class attendance.

Benefits of private lessons include

  • Rapid Progression in the Evade Martial Arts System
  • Compliments Class Based Training
  • Individual Attention to Detail
  • Development of Specific Areas and Goals
  • Constant Skill Evaluation and Feedback
  • Structured Tuition to Suit Personal Schedules
  • Preparation for Gradings/Testings, Tournaments or for specific events/targets

Small group tuition

Private lessons also provide the opportunity to train progressively with friends and fellow students.
Benefits of working in a group of up to 4 students offers personal tuition in further developing martial
application, sparring, as well as all of the other aspects of the martial arts.

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